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BarrelTimeTM   Version 6.0 is HERE!

BarrelTime New Release -- Version 6.0

What's in this Professional Version?

Sanctioning Organizations: NBHA, BBR, WPRA, AQHA
BarrelTime New Release -- Version 6.B0

Basic "Small Show" Version released March 8, 2020
New BarrelTime Version 6.0
-- Now in "two flavors" to fit your Barrel Racing appetite --
-- Recommended for Windows 10TM --
-- Also Windows 8.1TM, Windows 7TM & Windows VistaTM Compatible! --

New BarrelTime Basic Version 6.B0 Introduced March 8, 2020
-- Low Cost "Vanilla" version of BarrelTime --
-- Supports Small Shows without sanctioning and points overhead --
-- For the the Small Show and occasional show producer --

New BarrelTime Professional
-- Loaded "Banana Split with Whipped Cream" version of BarrelTime --
-- Supports Major Sanctioning Organizations --
-- Designed for the Professional Show Producer and the serious amateur --

New to BarrelTime Professional -- User Definable Racing Formats**
-- Introducing New User Definable Racing Formats** --
-- Set-up and Run your Show to meet your requirements --
-- See summary below --

Current Users of Earlier Versions
You are Strondly Urged to Update BarrelTime Professional NOW!

User Definable:
**New to BarrelTime Professional -- User Definable Racing Formats
From Back Yard Shows to Professional Productions -- Your Own Racing Rules & Formats!

Which version of BarrelTime is right for you?

Don't Run Nationally Sanctioned Races?

Maybe BarrelTime Basic is right for you.   Start with commonly used Racing Formats and put them to work for you.   Basic does not support sanctioning organizations or the associated point tracking systems, which means less overhead, easier race set-up and less cost.

BarrelTime Professional's User Definable Racing Formats put YOU in control of your races.

Don't Run Nationally Sanctioned Races?

Let BarrelTime Professional help you set up local sanctioning defaults and methods. 
You can pick & choose from the built-in sanctioning that is closest to your needs, then change the Race Results Confirmation to print your local racing formats and payouts.

Or, you can define your own Custom Race Formats to then make them your default Race Formats.

Professional Producer?
Set up Custom Race Defintions for the Clubs/Organizations that have special needs or rules. Once defined, just paste the Race(s) into the Show as needed.