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Overview of the BarrelTime Show Management System

BarrelTime Professional  Show Management Software in Action
   Let's take a quick look at how it works for a typical NBHA Show ---

- Getting Set Up for a Race -

Add Name, Address & Horse Information to the Database

Set up the Show

Set up each Race

Set Sanctioning District(s) for NBHA Races

Select the Race for Registration

Register the Riders and Horses for the Race

Print out the Order of Run - in Run Order or by Rider Name

- At the Race -

Do a Pre-Race check of your timer.

We've just finished the 13th of 52 runs with no barrels down - the 2nd Drag comes up next
    Note the red "Eye is On" indicator above & left of "Run Time"

Run 11 is going better - but not good enough to cach Lazor's leading run

This Run shows the Timer in Manual (keyboard input) mode
    Note the Keyboard indicator above & left of "Run Time"

Preview & Print out the Race Results for posting right after the Race
    You can print the Checks for the Race right now, or print a list of checks for handwriting them

Print out the NBHA Show Report for each Co-Sanctioning District Director right after the Show

- Another Successful Show is History -
BarrelTime Professional  Show Management Software in Action
   This quick look demonstrates just a fraction of the capabilities of this feature-packed software!!