Windows 7




Windows 7


Microsoft is pushing hard to kill Windows 7 as quickly as possible.  It costs money to support an Operating System, and Microsoft is currently supporting three...  Bad for the bottom line.


Plus for a lot of users, upgrading to Win10 will mean upgrading to new computers -- good for the bottom line.


It is interesting that the compiler code that used to kick BarrelTime into Administrative mode may not work on Win7 machines.  Don't know if the change was the result of the compiler having to support Win10, or if it relates to some of the Windows UAC/Security changes -- or both.  Com'on conspiracy buffs....


The good news is that most 64bit Win7 machines will upgrade to Win10 without a problem.  If you are upgrading from Win7 and your machine can accept another memory chip -- it's probably worth the investment when you move to Win10.


Plus, if you are upgrading from Win7 to Win10, you will find the transition relatively easy.  Win10 defaults to a very familiar-looking desktop. The learning curve from Win7 is minimal. Most of the annoyances from Win8 are gone.





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