Administrative Permissions




BarrelTimeTM -- Administrative Permissions


After the BarrelTime installer finishes, you are taken back to the Windows Desktop.  You should see the BarrelTime icon on the desktop:


 If the BarrelTime icon looks like this, you are ready to continue to set up this computer.  

   The shield tells you that the program will "Run as Administrator" which gives BarrelTime the Administrative Permissions needed to manage the data. Go to The Set-Up Files.




 If the BarrelTime icon looks like this (most likely a Win7 computer), Go to Run as Administrator

 We'll need to impose the Administrative Permissions "Run as Administrator" that BarrelTime needs to manage/process the data. The Administrative Permissions can be set after finishing the BarrelTime Set Up.


The Administrative Permissions need to be set to "Run as Administrator" so that Windows and BarrelTime play nice together.


Now that BarrelTime is installed -- let's Set-Up BarrelTime: Go to The Set-Up Files.





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