Run as Administrator




BarrelTimeTM -- Run as Administrator


 When the BarrelTime icon displays without the Administrator shield, the application does not have the Administrative permissions needed to manage the data processing. There are two ways to give BarrelTime the Administrative permissions it needs:


The first way to elevate BarrelTime to Administrator is to right click on the icon, then select the  "Run as Administrator" menu choice. This method of elevation to Administrator needs to be done each time BarrelTime runs.


The second way to elevate BarrelTime to Administrator makes the change permanent; you will not have to select  "Run as Administrator" menu choice each time BarrelTime runs:


Right click on the BarrelTime icon and select "Properties" (usually at the bottom of the list of choices). Then click the [Advanced] button.  Check the "Run as Administrator" checkbox, then [OK], which takes you back to Properties. Be sure to click the [Apply] button to make the change permanent.


BarrelTime will now Run as Administrator each time. Unfortunately this change does not put the Administrative shield onto the icon to show its administrative status.


We are ready to finish setting up BarrelTime. Go to The Set-Up Files.





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