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BarrelTimeTM -- Install to Remote Computer


You must have installed BarrelTime to a Main computer prior to installing to a Remote.  Install to the Remote from a BarrelTime Installation Flash Drive that you have set up (see Installing from a Flash Drive) or one ordered from


When you first install  BarrelTime, the first prompt/question you get is:

This time select the "Remote Computer" Radio Button, then Click [OK] to set up the Remote.


The BarrelTime set-up looks at the files on the Flash Drive.  If it doesn't find what it needs, the set-up prompts you to go back to the Main Computer to download some files:


The Set-Up files and others needed by the Remote are copied to the Flash Drive from Main. When you replace the Flash Drive into the Remote, the files needed by the Remote are downloaded from the Flash Drive and/or created on the Remote.


See BarrelTime HELP for more networking information.


Note: Do not set up a Remote computer until you are very familiar with BarrelTime and how it operates on a stand-alone Main computer.  Also, be sure to test your network and networking procedures prior to using at a show; know how to use the "sneaker net" to recover from a local network failure during the show.


Note2: At this writing, the networking features of BarrelTime are under thorough review and revision to make them more robust and reliable for incorporation into the upcoming BarrelTime v6.0.





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