The Set-Up Files




BarrelTimeTM -- The Set-Up Files


When you first click the BarrelTime icon on the Windows Desktop, the BarrelTime set-up routine is initiated:


BarrelTime goes through several steps during the initial set-up where it prompts you for information, then (after warning you) drops back to the Windows Desktop -- at which time you will need to re-Start BarrelTime again for the next step.


BarrelTime is very customizable; each of these set-up re-starts are the steps in making BarrelTime your Barrel Racing Show Manager -- customized and set-up for you.  Later, as you use BarrelTime, you will be able to further customize the system to make it work the way you run your Barrel Races.


When you first set-up BarrelTime, the first prompt/question you get is:

Click [OK] to set up the Main Computer.


Next you will be presented with a 3-page Set-Up form that looks something like this:

When you first see it, the Organization Field says, "Click Edit Button to Edit This" -- you will need to [Edit] and [Save] each of the three tabbed pages.  There are certain fields that are Required before BT allows you to [Quit], at which time you will be taken back to the Windows Desktop.


Follow the prompts for each page. Don't agonize over your choices/input at this time. The main BarrelTime HELP file shows you how to go back and Edit this information to make the program yours.


If you would like more detailed information right now on how this SetUp Defaults file works, you can read or download the BarrelTime HELP file separately from The BarrelTime HELP file is installed onto your computer during installation.





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