Installing to the Computer




BarrelTimeTM -- Install to the Computer


There are two steps to the installation of BarrelTime, first run the installer, then set up the BarrelTime application/program.


When you Double Click on the BarrelTime installer, wherever its location, the installation will begin:


First, you receive a "User Account Control" warning asking, "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?"; Program Name: BT_Setup.exe; Publisher: Unknown.


Until Sandune Data Systems/BarrelTime pays another tithe to Microsoft for a Publisher's Certificate, the Publisher will remain "Unknown."


The actual BarrelTime installer has several pages during the install, with prompts for options. Accept the prompts as presented, usually by pressing the [Next] button:


There are two main pieces to BarrelTime, the first being the actual BarrelTime application/program, the second being the dBASE Runtime Engine.  As noted above, use/accept the defaults to assure that the pieces are where they need to be.


BarrelTime always installs as a Demo which is a fully functional version of the BarrelTime Professional Version; the Demo is good for a 60 day trial.  After the trial period, you will need an activation key to continue using BarrelTime. 


Go to Administrative Permissions.





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