Installing from a Flash Drive




BarrelTimeTM -- Installation from a Flash Drive


NOTE: This topic explains how to run the BarrelTime Installer file BT_Setup.exe from an installation flash drive you have obtained from or from one that you have created yourself.



If you know how to find and run the Installer file, and you already have a Flash Drive containing the BarrelTime installer file -- skip this and go to Installing to the Computer.


Insert the Flash Drive into your computer's USB Port.  Often this will automatically trigger the opening of the file folder on the flash.   Double Click on the BarrelTime installer; the installation will begin:


Otherwise, Find/Click on the File Explorer icon from your Start Menu, Desktop or other location:


Navigate to the Flash Drive; your flash drive's designation (F: here) and folders will  look different than this example:



Double Click on the BarrelTime installer; the installation will begin:


BarrelTime always installs as a Demo which is a fully functional version of the BarrelTime Professional Version; the Demo is good for a 60 day trial.  After the trial period, you will need an activation key to continue using BarrelTime.


Go to Installing to the Computer.


You can create a BarrelTime Installation Flash Drive by copying the installation file "BT_Setup.exe" to a flash drive.

You can order a BarrelTime Installation Flash Drive: Go to BarrelTime -- Installer Flash.


You will need a BarrelTime Installation Flash Drive to set up a Remote Computer.





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