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BarrelTimeTM -- Installation from the Web


NOTE: If you have already downloaded BarrelTime from -- and you know how to find the download in your downloads folder -- skip this and go to Installing to the Computer.


On the BarrelTime website,, go to the Downloads page.  Click on one of the [Download BarrelTime] buttons.  The most recent version of BarrelTime will download to your computer.


You will likely receive warnings from your Internet browser about downloading BarrelTime: See Browser Warnings.


Nearly all the computer viruses and other malware that plague personal computers are the result of the user having downloaded a file or files that contain viruses.  Each web browser warns the user that a download may contain viruses.  The BarrelTime download page shows examples on the of the type of warning that you may receive when you start to download BarrelTime, and how to continue with the download (despite the warnings).


You are downloading the BarrelTime installer. After it is downloaded, you will need to run the installer to install BarrelTime.


BarrelTime always installs as a Demo which is a fully functional version of the BarrelTime Professional Version; the Demo is good for a 60 day trial.  After the trial period, you will need an activation key to continue using BarrelTime.


Normally by default, the download goes into the Downloads folder.  Unless your computer was set up differently, you can use File Explorer to navigate to the Downloads folder:


Find/Click on the File Explorer icon from your Start Menu, Desktop or other location:


Navigate to the Downloads folder; your computer's folder tree may look a little different than this example:


Click on/open the Downloads folder.  Double Click on the BarrelTime installer "BT_Setup"; the installation will begin:


Go to Installing to the Computer.





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