Where are my Files?




BarrelTimeTM -- Where are my Files?


BarrelTime is compliant to the Windows "User Account Control" requirements which is an architecture that was developed, in part, to provide greater security to the applications/programs running in the Windows environment.


That also means that your BarrelTime files may be difficult to locate, in part because they are buried and scattered around the hard drive.  You files are located in two primary locations:


The BarrelTime program/application files are located in the "Program Files" section of the hard drive.  BarrelTime is a 32bit application.


If your computer is an older 32 bit machine, the BarrelTime program files are found in the "C:\Program Files\Sandune\BarrelTime\Prgs" folder/directory.


BarrelTime currently is a 32bit application. So if your computer is a 64bit machine, the BarrelTime program files are found in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sandune\BarrelTime\Prgs" folder/directory.  (The "C:\Program Files\..." folder/directory is reserved for 64bit applications.)


The UAC guidelines suggest that data files reside in a sub-folder under the "Program Data" folder/directory. However, BarrelTime's data (for a number of reasons) resides just off the root in "C:\Sandune\BarrelTime\Data" and in several sub-folders/directories.


If you are interested in the program and data files and how they work, there is more information in the main BarrelTime Help files.





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