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BarrelTime is a data-driven application that stores your Barrel Racing Riders, Horses and Run Times, then uses that data to produce Race Results and other Reports for the Barrel Racing Show Manager.  From a back-yard show to a multi-day professionally-produced event, BarrelTime has options and abilities to handle it all.


At times, BarrelTime does serious number-crunching, creates temporary files on demand, processes them, then deletes the temporary files after posting the results to a final (possibly also newly created) file that in-turn becomes the source for your results report to the screen or printer.


However, what gives BarrelTime its power and flexibility -- gives Windows heartburn....


Windows does not like a program the creates or deletes files, or moves data from one file to another without user intervention -- that's the kind of thing that a virus or other malware does!


So, we have some special considerations when installing BarrelTime to make sure that BarrelTime and Windows play nice together.


The BarrelTime Installer take care of most these considerations, but if you are installing to a Windows 7 computer (32 bit or 64 bit), or a Windows 8 or a Windows 10 computer, be sure to read those specific operating system notes.


This HELP File has a lot of information that you may not need to read.  To get you going quickly Go to Where do I Start? 





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