Where do I Start?




BarrelTimeTM Installation -- Where do I Start?


Do you have a copy of the BarrelTime Installer?


No, I do not have the BarrelTime Installer:  You will need to download it from the Web or order an Installation Flash Drive:


          If you need help downloading the BarrelTime Installer: Go to Installing from the Web.

          If you need to install from a Flash Drive: Go to Installing from a Flash Drive.

          If you want to Order an Installation Flash Drive: Go to BarrelTime - Installer Flash.



Yes, I do have the BarrelTime Installer, but I'm not sure what to do next:   To preview the installation process -- Go to Installing to the Computer.


I want to install a new version of BarrelTime -- Now What?:  Simply run the BarrelTime installer over the top of your existing installation. See Installing an Upgrade.


If you have already installed BarrelTime:


If the BarrelTime icon looks like this, you are ready to continue to set up this computer.  

   The shield tells you that the program will "Run as Administrator" which gives BarrelTime the Administrative Permissions needed to manage the data. Go to The Set-Up Files.



If the BarrelTime icon looks like this; Go to Run as Administrator

 We'll need to impose the Administrative Permissions that BarrelTime needs to manage/process the data.



If you are ready to Set-Up BarrelTime but would like to Preview the Set-Up process & hints: Go to The Set-Up Files.


If you are setting up a Remote Computer to access BarrelTime files on your Main Computer: Go to Install to Remote Computer.





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